What to know before traveling to Finland

About Finland

What can we say about Finland. It is a country full of forests and islands. The capital city is called Helsinki. We can find a lot of touristic attractions in the city such as museums or galleries. During summers, you will have sun 24/7 and it is the opposite in winter.

Travel to Finland

What is the Culture

Handshaking is the way you greet someone in Finland. You will see that people are a bit closed, it is not that they are being unfriendly. If you visit someone and enter his house, you need to take your shoes off,  it is very common for people in the country to do so. When you come at the table, wait for the toast, your host will say kippis and then you can start eating. Try to dress casually as the people there are dressing in that way all the time.

Travel spots in Finland

Many airlines can fly to Finland. The national airline is called Finnair. When you go there you will probably arrive at the Helsinki airport. It is about 19km away from the city. Normaly, it will take you around 25 by car. If you don’t have car at your arrival date, you can take the Finnair bus at the airport or you can take a taxi to the city. You will have everything at the airport. You will have the duty free shops as all the other airports in the world plus you can book your hotel there, you can book a rental car you will have the possibility to eat at a really good restaurant and you have several banks.

Flying directly to Finland is not the only way to get there. If you want some adventures, you can try to go by sea. You will have a little boat trip from one country of your choice to Finland. You can also book ferry services if that is in your wish list during your vacation. You can go to the following port: Rostock, Kapellskär, Grisslehamn, and Travemünde. You will have many options for your room. You can have small cabins or large cabins with all the amenities you can dream of.

A third option will be the trains. You can book a train ticket in Moscow and get directly to Finland. This option is very interesting because you will see some landscape and you will travel in comfort. Like in many of our other posts, we always say that train will give you the best ratio considering price and comfort .

Finally, there is the old road-trip. I can tell you that you can face many stuff if you go by road. You can see some elk and sometimes you will see reindeer as well. On the road, you are ridding on the right side of the line. When you travel by road, no need to bring cash for gas because they accepts credit cards. Like all the countries, you should always respect the driving rules. Before your road-trip, make sure that you have your international driver license with you and the car insurance as well. Remember that, in Finland, most of the year will be chill weather. If you are more interested in Reading posts for the most visited city in Europe, feel free to read our post about travelling in Paris.

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