Travelling in Albania

Travel tips for Albania

If you want to know which country is one of the smallest in Europe, the answer is Albania. If you want to more about this country, here are few lists of what you need to know:

The Culture in Albania

When you come to Albania, you will directly notice that their culture is mainly from the Greeks. If you want to say yes to people you shake your head other wise nodding head means a no for the inhabitants of the country. When you meet people and you want to greet them, you just give a hand shake, it was not the primary way to start a conversation back in Albanians’ history but the time made it change. For women, it is seen very bad to wear light outfits or too unveiling dress. If you are invited to someones house, you need to bring gifts for the host. When you arrive, you need to know some basics of their communication style. If you great a man you should always use mister or miss for women which are respectively zoti and Zonja. In Albania, their tradition is to serve some coffee to the guest, don’t be surprised if they bring you some snacks without asking for you if you want some. For people in this country, they express that you are welcome to their homes by giving you something to eat.

Travelling in Albania

Here is how you travel within the country

At your arrival, many hotels are offering you a transfer from the airport to the hotel. If not, you can always take a cab or the buses. In both ways, the fares are very reasonable.
One thing you must see in Albania is the Dajti Mountain. You can experience some thrilling attractions for a very cheap price. You will find the so called, Dajti Ekspres Cable car which is a 4 km ride that will last about 15 minute by going from Oark to Tirana. If you are looking for some luxurious experience. You can even charter a yacht and cruse around the coast.

Restaurants in Albania

When you are looking for restaurants, you can be sure that if they know that you are a foreigner, prices will not be the same. Try to go around and see what are all the options before choosing one. You can also ask the locals if you want more Albanian specialties. Now concerning the comfort of restaurants, most of them do not have heating so make sure to bring warm clothes if you go there in winter.

what to visit in albaniaWhat to do in Albania

If you fill adventurous and go for glimbing rocks or canoeing you found the right place. Just outside the city you will have one of the best spot to do some canoing and have some nice rock climbing experience. If those are not enough for you, you can also go to a special spot near the city to have some amazing hiking experience.

Choosing the Accommodation

One hotel that is really well situated is the Sheraton Hotel. It is very near to all the entertainments in the city. It is a five star hotel that will give you the best comfort after enjoying the different activities you can do in Albania. If you are more for hotels with a traditional style, you can try the Hotel Mondial. It is a little far compared to the Sheraton Hotel but the architecture of the building is just beautiful. If you are still wondering what you should do during your trip, you can checkĀ the best tips to travel to Europe on Best hotels to find what you need to know when travelling.

Ways to travel to Albania

Like all countries around the world you can get to Albania by air. The best way to book the cheapest airfare is to use You will be able to compare all the ticket price from the Albania national airliners to all the other company taking this routes. The national airlines in Albania is working with Tyrolean Airways. The main airport of the country is a little bit far from the city, it is approximately over 20km and you will need to have a 30 minutes ride to arrive to the city center. You can choose from airport bus or taxi to make your way to the city.

You can also get to Albania by taking the bus. You will go from Istanbul or Athene. Another alternative is to check the other routes by using rome2rio. If its not yet what you are looking for, you can also go by car. My advice would be to plan your road-trip during the day because the roads are not equipped with lights.

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