Beautiful view of paris

Going to Paris France

Heading to Paris France

When you are planning a trip to Paris, make sure to check all the restaurants, museums and tourist attractions online first. You will be able to see some exceptionally pleasant and delightful region in Paris. The Seine River is a place you really need to visit in Paris. On the journey, grab a glass of champagne by the river and enjoy the view.


Hop on the little ships you will find there. As you arrive you will be treated like a king to make sure you have the best moment you can have. You and your family will have a table for you, just at the front end of the boat. Enjoy your meal and by the same time take time to appreciate the view. But wait, that is not all. You can get there and have some wine, do some dancing and just enjoy the moment.

Paris Eiffel TowerHow much will that cruise cost you?

For only $180 you can get on that cruise. In addition, it will not be just a fast cruise around, it will last 4 hours. You hop near the Eiffel Tower and you pass by the ministry of finance to finish the ride at the Eiffel tower. It leaves the port and takes the left side of the bank then when it returns it goes on the right side of the bank to make the tourists see both side of this wonderful place. You may remember one of our post which also talks about beautiful view which was our Austria post.

Going around Paris in this boat is just amazing, it is really hard to describe what we see. You can also cruise when it starts to get dark. It is even more awesome because of the lights of the city.

Having diner in Paris

You should not miss the restaurants of Paris. Well, it sometimes comes a little expensive then the cooks from other places but it is definitely worth it. You will have some french cuisines (especially with sea foods) and have a great time.

Is Paris the right city to visit?

Yes. You should at least visit Paris once. It is one of the most beautiful country in the world. In Europe you will find some small countries that are amazing like Albania and then you have cities that are even more beautiful like Paris. You can visit Paris for many reasons. You can come for your honeymoon, for birthdays, for business and any other events you can think of. For anniversaries, you have packages that are already made for you.

Paris has become really popular because of its architecture, its museums, its arts, its fine wine and also its luxurious life. Paris has some of the most fine restaurants in the world and the most fancy hotels as well. It hotels that can go from 200 per night to 40 000 euro per nigh.

How to choose the hotels in Paris?

You can go outside of the town and get better deals. For example you have the Courtyard Charles. Don’t underestimate this hotel because its located in the border of Paris. This is a four star hotel with the Parisian luxury you may want. Fine dishes and fine wine, you will have it all in this hotel. You can also consider De Gaulle which is near the airport. The staff in this hotel are very friendly and helpful.

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